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More Beadwork of Starline Nunley

Name - Jessie Jewel Named after great Aunt Jessie Jewel who was blind. This was my second face class with Dona Anderson, taken in Houston, TX. (This is an unfinished piece so far, because the perfectionist thinks it is not done. It looks finished to me. You can't improve on this one Starline.)

Loomed Necklace - Done at Frieda Bates' home, in Artesia, New Mexico. This was my first loomed necklace. Took six days, 10 hours a day of beading. Frieda is a slave driver! But I loved every second of it. You could not ask for a better instructor, than Frieda. She has so much patience with total dummies. The earrings were a gift from Frieda. The necklace pattern is from Frieda Bates' pottery series. Want to see Freida Bates site with more of her beautiful Southwest split loom necklaces, then go here: Freida Bates

Loomed Bracelet - My first loomed bracelet, in the making, for dil, Monique. I am deciding on a clasp. Her wrist is so tiny, that the bracelet meets end to end already. Any ideas, anyone? The pattern is from "Out on a Loom" by Margie Deeb.

My first peyote bracelet - And please don't look at the mistakes. It IS finished. LOL This was my first attempt also at making a beaded bead.

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