Winged Heart

Dona Anderson gave me this beautiful lampwork bead. It was made by lampwork artist, Charlotte Sorsen from Boston. I was so thrilled when I received it. Thanks so much, Dona. I love it!

The Badger & Its Pouch

Mary Tafoya aka "Aunt Molly" of Aunt Molly's Bead Street sent me this lovely gift. It is a beautiful piece of carved turquoise, a very detailed badger. It is a signed piece and looks like a "A" with a "_" going out from the leg of the A. It came with the leather pouch, which fits the badger perfectly. She likes her snug little den. Mary says, "And it's Zuni-made, but I don't know the person. To me, the badger is a powerful animal for healing, because she's close to the ground, digs roots and herbs, and because she's a fierce fighter -- sometimes it takes a fighter for healing." Thanks so much Mary for such a wonderful gift.


Keyring Instructions
How to cover the dowel with deerskin or felt, before beading the keyring.

Order of the Arrow Loom Pattern

Gourd/Peyote 3-drop graph - graciously created by Emily Hackbarth, for our use



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