Bev was not here so we did not get pictures of us, but here are pix of my beadwork and Marcie and Lynn will post pix of theirs. We had loads of fun and laughs. We tried several things. Marcie gave me a kit which she put together for my birthday in Jan. So, I decided it was time to make it. She made the lovely tassel and put it on the elephant.

My Elephant Necklace

We worked on making a circle with crystals and 11s and came up with this. They were lots of fun.

My "Garden" bracelet is not finished yet but Marcie's is done I think. We worked on these too.

Marcie showed us raw from a pattern in B & B and this is mine. I need to add the clasp.

I showed Lynn and Marcie how to do the Bitty Beads which I got from Red's site. But I can't find them right now to scan and show you. They will be up as soon as I can unclutter my work table. LOL

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