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Native American blood is like gold, no matter how thinly it is spun, it still shines brightly.

I am Cherokee and my name is Adela Diyatsodi Ageyv, which means "The Beads Woman" in Cherokee.

I am a beading artist and have won ribbons for my Native American beadwork at local art shows. I do custom beadwork for all Native American Regalia. If you would like to see some samples of my work, look at these pages:
My Beadwork Page
White Jay Beadery, our online bead store, specializing in Japanese beads

I also do Native American genealogy. I would be glad to direct you to various webpages, which will help in your research. E-mail me and I will try to help. Please look at my Links page for good genealogy sites too.
My surnames with gedcom site is listed below. Check out the links at the bottom of this page.

In Loving Memory of Eli Carrisoza, who was our Chief and my mentor.

The Warrior
by Marylyn Letson

The warrior crossed my path,
Only for a while.
He put down his bow
And gave me a smile.
He took time to teach
And guide me in the ways
I learned about my People
And to give love, always.
He taught me strength and freedom
And he told me, that I fly with the Eagle.
Then he mounted his horse
And he waved goodbye.
Do not be sad, he said
Wipe the tear from your eye.
My spirit will guide you,
When I am gone.
Do not be sad,
You will not be alone.

by Greg Gough

Levels of consciousness
Dreaming awake floating in and out of time, reality shifts like the wind.
Carried by the flute
my spirit soars to new heights of recognition.
The drum, beats the cadence of life.
Tonight our ancestors dance with us, guide us, with thoughts and visions.

Greg Gough
Advisor Post 201,
Ozark, MO.
May you honor your ancestors by your actions.

Greg has written other beautiful poems. If you would like to e-mail him, just click here:
Greg Gough

Wado, Oginalii, for this poem.

Click Here for POWWOWS 2000

My List of Native American Links

My Surnames and Online Gedcom
White Jay BeaderyWhite Jay Beadery, our online bead store, specializing in Japanese beads
ArtNatAm - Links to Other NA Sites:
Linda's Herb Site
Great Herb site - Has been reviewed in 3 US city newspapers, Albuquerque, NM, Atlanta Constitution and Denver Post!
Not an NA site, but herbs are the natural way, we were taught to heal.
Broken Threads: I give this one, three stars!
Cherokee by Blood: This is a great site, lots of genealogy info!
Native American Genealogy Site:Many great geneaolgy links too!
Chickasaw Historical Research Page:
History of the Cherokee -- White Indian's Homepage:
Native American Indians - Powwow Listings:
"Wolf Spirit",A very well done, Native American Page:
The Dakota Language Homepage:
Creations by Lauren

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