My Witness of Faith

This is my witness to my faith.

I have had many times, when I did not know how I would make my bills and money would come. Sometimes the amount would be exactly, to the penny, what I needed. One time, I received a check in the mail. I had paid a loan off ahead of time, about six months before. This was the interest charges, that I had overpaid. I did not know this money was owed to me and never expected this money "from out of the blue".

Just before my 25th birthday, I was in an auto accident. I was taken to the emergency room. There I was told that I had internal injuries, and could not be saved. I was moved to a room for privacy, so my family could be with me. I was told that I would not live til morning.
Then a doctor came in, Dr. Charles Frankum. He told me that I was dying and he would like to try and save me. He said he was a Christian and he could not simply let me lie there and die, without trying to help. I was in so much pain that I would have agreed to anything which would give me relief. Dr. Frankum was very honest and told me that I had less than a 50-50 chance of surviving surgery. I agreed to let him try. My heart stopped, three times, while I was in surgery. When the doctor opened me up for the exploratory, (they really didn't know the extent of my injuries), he said he nearly closed me back up and quit. My liver was burst open like a "mayapple". He had thought I had an injured spleen. He repaired what he could, prayed and left it to God. I was in intensive care for a month, then came down to my room.
I had broken bones besides the liver injury. My arm was in a cast. I was told I needed a body cast for broken ribs, but, this couldn't be, because of the surgery. Well, my mom worked on the floor I was on. She always came in before her shift, to visit. I was talking to her and suddenly, I had chest pain and couldn't breathe. The cardiac team was called for a cardiac arrest event. My mom wouldn't let them touch me. She called for an x-ray machine to be brought in. One of my ribs had punctured my lung and it had collasped. If the Harvey team had performed on me, it would have pushed the rib into my heart. I survived this ordeal, thanks to my mom.
When, I got out of the hospital and went back to the doctor for a checkup and removal of stitches, Dr. Frankum was beaming. He took me out into the crowded waiting room. He spoke to his patients and said, "This is one of God's miracles. Marylyn should have never survived her extensive injuries. I could never have done this on my own. My hands were guided by God".

I need to add other miracles to my Faith site. 1991 was a bad year...I separated from my husband, moved to Tx, came back, got a divorce, filed bankruptcy, had a massive heart attack (I was 48)and remarried. (lasted about 4 years) I was told that I had an artery to one chamber of my heart nearly closed and an aneurysm on another chamber. My heart was working at less than 1/2 its capacity. (I was not told this til about 1994) I was terrified. An angiogram was scheduled and I just gave up. Well, after the test (and much praying by family, church and friends) the doctor said the artery was nearly completely clear and the aneurysm was just "laying" there. Immediately my heart was working at 3/4 capacity and nothing medical had been done to cause this to happen. Doctor was astounded.
My next 1,2 punch, the doctor said I only had 5 years to live from the time of my heart attack. This was the maximum time ANY one had lived, who had an aneurysm on their heart. Once again, I was devastated. He said I was living on borrowed time. Then, as He usually has done in my life, God yanked me up by the scruff of my neck, and said, "Do you not know that I am with you, always?". And then softly I heard, "Everyone lives on borrowed time. Tomorrow is not certain for anyone. Each day is a gift that I give you." So since then, I have lived each day to the fullest and thank God for the gift.
But that is not all. Next my doctor says that I cannot survive even the smallest surgery because my heart cannot take the strain. Again, I worried about injuries, etc. I started to have some stomach pain and did not tell the doc. I couldn't have surgery so what was the use? I suffered with this for over 2 years. New Year's day, 1997, it was so severe and I felt a huge ball in my stomach when I laid on my back. I rushed to the ER and was told I had a hernia. THANK GOD, it was not obvious fear. Since I couldn't have surgery, the resident doc just pushed it back in and sent me home. Well, it came back out of course and I let it go. More pain. On the morning of Feb 16, 1998, I sat on the side of my bed, gave a good cough and writhed in pain. It was the worst pain I have ever felt since my car wreck. Something was terribly wrong. I was rushed to the ER again. I had torn 3 more hernias at the same time in my stomach. Now I had 4 and emergency surgery was scheduled. I knew this was the end, God was finally calling me home. I would lie if I said I was not afraid, a little. The on duty doc came in....talked to me, told me what had to be done. I looked at him and asked, "Are you a Christian?". He said yes I am! ( very confidently.) I asked if he would have prayer before my surgery. He said certainly, he always did this. Well, needless to say, I pulled through. In CCU, on the second day, they asked if I could stand. I would try......I took 3-4 steps!! No pain!! From then on, it was all downhill. When my surgeon came in, he told me that my heart worked fine, no problems through the entire surgery. I had 5 doctors and when each would visit, they were astounded at the fast progress I was making. I healed faster than any of their other patients with the same surgery. Well, I had my family, church, local friends and hundreds of BeadTalk mail list friends, who were keeping me in their prayers every day. I received many cards from my BT family. They are why I am here now.
Looking all the things that have happened....I realized that God is using me to show others that He still gives miracles every day. He is a living God who loves us dearly. And all is not lost. Man does not have all the answers either. So if a doctor tells you, that your future is dim...remember he does not have the last vote. The doctors gave me 5 years max, to live from Oct 1991.................. :-) Today, eight years later, I am 56 yrs old and still here.

Each day is a gift that God gives us. We have no assurance of tomorrow, just today. So I thank God for each beautiful day that he gives me. I thank him for each child of his, that I meet. It does not matter if we think that person is good or bad. God loves all his children equally. If we mistreat each other, He is displeased as we would be, if our children were hurtful to each other.

Thank you for visiting my page and letting me witness about my miracles.

May God bless you and walk beside you, always.

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