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Hi Pixie,
It is me, your cousin, Jewel. I thought you might like some pictures of me at my new home in Arkansas with Marcie and Dave. I love living in the country. We have some scary neighbors though. Some REALLY big cows but they know who is boss now, as I let them know with my bark that this is my yard. I also bark at all the fowls next door but they don't pay any attention to me and come onto our property anyway. Most of them are very noisy and I don't think I like them very much. I went through the barbed wire fence yesterday to check out the farm and Marcie was not happy with me but there sure were a lot of interesting smells. She really threw a fit when I tried to investigate the woods. But most of the time Marcie and Dave do just what I want them to. Lots of talking, playing and holding. Oh, I like that holding and petting and since I only weigh about 2 1/2 pounds, they don't mind at all picking me up. I think I'm happy here and I will come for a visit soon.

Jewel Cleaning House Jewel Guarding the South 40

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