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Here are the picture of our three Great Danes for Pixie's collection. (Carol and Jane)

Tigra (mostly gray with cropped ears): Tigra is an eight-and-a-half-year-old mantled merle Great Dane and alpha dog of the household. She was rescued at the age of three from an abusive situation and nursed back to health by my roommate's friend. When she was rescued, she weighed only 90 lbs. and was so filthy there didn't appear to be any white on her at all. She is not quite 30" at the shoulder, and now tips the scales at a slightly round 130 lbs. Tigra's wonderful personality survived intact, as she is affectionate, gentle with cats and children, and loves to show off her good manners. Among other things, she "whispers" for treats--her mouth moves, but no sound comes out.


Anwyn(mostly white with black patches) and Bronwyn (mostly black with white chest and legs): Anwyn and Bronwyn are sisters and will be 21 weeks old on 3/31/00. Anwyn, mostly white with black patches, is a harlequin Great Dane, and Bronwyn, mostly black with some white, is a mantled Great Dane. They both already weigh over 70 lb. and are about 25" at the shoulder. They are in the process of obedience training now, but still very full of puppy shenanigans, of course. They're both very affectionate and just love to be cuddled. One of their favorite treats is fresh parsley from the garden.

Anwyn Bronwyn

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