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This beauty is Xanthe and she owns Sharon Hessoun. (Don't I have some great looking friends!!)

My name is Kizzy, I'm a miniature pincher and I am 14 years old. I used to have really pretty stag red fur when I was young, but well, the years seem to have given me a few grey hairs. I own Shelly's family. and believe me, I do own them. I have my own opinion on most things, like to have my own way, and mostly do exactly what I want. They have introduced a new dog to the family, Magic, a border collie. Hmmm. I wont have my photo taken with him, in fact I won't even sit next to him. Big gallupe. Don't worry though, he knows I'm the boss around here. (Oh look at my homepage. Gigi is leaning as far from me as she can get. But I don't care if she is snobby, I just lick her all over anyway.)

My name is Whittaker, and I own BT beader Debra Pyeatt. Over 9 years ago, Debra's mother found me at the age of 7 months begging outside the bank where she worked and decided that I was just the thing that could whip Debra into shape. And boy, have I! I'm a Canardly breed of dog (Can Hardly tell what kind of dog I am) and am extremely intelligent and feisty (no brag, just fact). I know the names of all my toys, and can do many other tricks. Pixie, do you like Marrowbones?? I LOVE 'em, and will do just about anything to get one. The only thing that I love better than Marrowbones is freeze-dried Liver, and lots of attention. I'm a very good bead dog - I never jump in Debra's lap until I give her time to put up her beads (let me tell you, all it took was one time and I learned fast after that). I like to play with cats too, but there are some awfully mean squirrels in my back yard. They throw acorns at me when I go outside. I keep trying to catch them, but they are too fast. Uh-oh, what was that noise? I think I hear one now. I gotta go chase 'em. I'll get back with ya soon.
Teddi Archer lives at our house. When she went to Mare's Bead Cave, we had the house to ourselves! WHEEEEEEEE!!!! Did we have fun!!!! But we were so happy when she came home again.
Annabell & Tiger Cat
Jinksy & Annabell
Tiger Cat

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