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Just a little message:
My mom and I love all the little animals. But we have a special place in our hearts, for the little ones that are rescued from animal shelters. These were abandoned or lost by the wayside and need love too. They have probably had a tough young life. So, our "hats" off to friends that pick a animal shelter pet, to own them.- Pixie

This is Miss Kody: I am a southern belle and my mom is Beverly Herman. I like to do all the things other gals do. When I get my bath I love to have my hair dried with the hair dyer. Papa Art uses mom's hair condition on me and my hair smells just like mamma Boo's. This is so exciting to finally be on the internet sharing space with my friend. Pixie do you like milkbones, they are favorite? I really like spaghetti better but I don't get to have it very often.

This is Bullwrinkle or Bully for short. He is 1/2 Chow and 1/2 Shar-pei. Bully owns Robert and Jan Stover. He tries to keep them straight, he says, but sometimes, it is quite a chore. He'd rather be snoozing in the easy chair. Love those love handles, Bully!

My name is Simba and I am a tortoise-shell cat that my mom got outside of K-Mart last summer. One of my favorite cat things to do is to crawl inside of the bag that the newspaper comes in. I mush my face up in the bag and mom or dad rips a hole in it so that I can breathe. Don't worry - Pixie, we only play this game with adult supervision.

Maggie and Charlie own Doris and her dh. Maggie is the blonde, lab/sharpei mix with a personality to match. Charlie is the brown one, he is a curious mix of probably shepherd/chow and maybe heeler. A very, very sweet guy around family, but not too fond of strangers, and not fond at all of vets. (Gosh, Charlie, who is? Agh!) Both were abandoned dogs which we adopted through Animal Aid. Maggie is the older by almost a year, and when Charlie moved in, there were constant fights. (Maggie don't give in to the big lug!)I don't think they have settled who's the boss yet, but they tolerate each other quite nicely these days :-)
Charlie & Maggie

OOOOOHHHHH, Bengals!! Oh my!!
We would like to be on your buds page; we are Bengals and prefer warm, tropical climates which Montana is not, so we have a heat lamp that we like to share. I am Squeak, the brown more beautiful boy and the snow is my brother Dude. You can read more about us on our page: Bengals that own Red
Snow & Squeak

My name is Buster Pug, but my Mom and Dad call me Piglet sometimes. They rescued me from the Roswell Humane Society about five years ago. It's a good thing that they did because I was very, very sick and very, very skinny. As you can see, I am not skinny any more - I do love to eat!!! I am sending you my picture so that you can see what a handsome pug I am. Well, I own Trudy and Bill Merchant - and are they easy!!! I get to OWN the California King bed including the pillows!!! Love Piglet

Buster Pug aka Piglet

My name is Cleo and I take care of Naaahsa Morgana and Na'aa (Aetheria) in our home in Brisbane (which is the capital of Queensland, Australia). I'm an otter hound and I just turned 13 in March (the day before Naaahsa Morgana's b'day). I love cats (to play with). Most people say I am spoiled by my people, but I think not. Though!!! when I don't feel so well some time they give me pate.
I love it when my people read Beadtalk to me, especially when there are stories about you and our other furry friends on the list.
My favourites: colour, is blue; toy, is a white bunny that is bigger than I am; food, anything Naaahsa Morgana cooks; web site, Pixie's Pad (of course); things to do, (other than sleeping and snacking) going for a walk or take a shower (whether I'm invited or not).
(Ack!! You sound almost spoiled as me, Cleo. hee hee)

Since Cleo became a friend of mine, she has crossed peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge. She gave her moms, 13 years of unconditional love. We all miss her very much. But I know she is still with her moms as she protects them in spirit.
Goodbye my friend

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