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I just am so excited, I had to share! I just got my letter from Caravan beads about the results of the Delica Challenge, and I was one of the finalists! There were 10 winners and 11 finalists. So that means I made the top 21 out of 147 entries! (Also Mary Tafoya, Aunt Mollie's Bead Street was a finalist) This year they also sent back the Judging Form from the 3 judges which was very nice. There were 7 categories (Visual Presence, Craftsmanship, Difficulty, Use of Beads, Use of Color, Originality/Creativity, Connection to Myth) with ratings of 1 to 10 (ten being best). One judge gave me 4-eights and 3-nines, one was 6-nines and 1-ten and the last was 7-nines. The comments were very nice too. This means I've got an excellent chance of being in the next book and hopefully to be on display at Embellishment this year....which was my whole goal to begin with! So, I guess all the work was worth it after all (those 200 or so individual brick-stitch leaves that is!). For those of you who may not know, my amulet bag entry was based on Jungle Book and had Bagheera the Black Panther on one side, Sher Khan the Tiger on the other and Kaa the snake woven into the strap. Anyway, please forgive my bragging, I just had to share with all my friends who would appreciate it!

Here is the front, Bagheera (and Kaa the snake)


Here's Sher Khan, the Tiger!
Sher Khan


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