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Valentine Swap Beadwork

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Laura Finney and Rita Black were Swap Partners.
The Beaded Bottle and Necklace set are by Laura and the Amulet Bag is by Rita.

Beaded Bottle Necklace set Amulet Bag

Pat Murphy & Bev Moon
Bev tells me: Title: Intertwined Hearts - I made the hearts in different colors and sizes to represent the diversity of this group and they are all linked together to represent the caring and sharing this group has for one another. I have a sort of crudely colored graph of this that I worked from and would be happy, if anyone wants a copy. I can scan it and sent it as an attachment but I really need to find out how to reduce the size.
(Bev, it is a lovely piece and a lovely inspiration.)
Pat's Amulet Bag Bev's "Intertwined Hearts"

Nancy Haugen's lovely piece for Marty, our swap hostess
(not thumbnails)

Pendant detached Necklace w/pendant

Marty's Yummy Swap Gift

"Spun Sugar"

My Gifts to Audrey
The Amulet Bag was designed by Lynn, especially for Audrey
I made the wolf earrings and they are from "Rocky Mountain Animals" by Joleen Wambolt

Lined Amulet bag Wolf Earrings

Audrey's Beaded Gift to me (LOVE IT! Audrey!.

Spiral Diablo

Yvonne's lovely necklace for Brenda Banas


Jacque's Amulet Bag for Katie Bug
Isn't it gorgeous? Lucky Kbug!!

"Jacque's Pouch"

Katie Bug's Amulet Bag for Jacque
Beautiful work and cute bag, Kbug! Jacque says: "This is the pouch Katie Bug made for the Valentine swap. I'm thrilled to have a pouch that was made by somebody else. She did a very good job. I wear gold jewelry because of a nickel allergy so she made a great choose with the 22kt Delica's. She calls it "The Early Mary Tyler Moore Heart Hug Bag" I'm very proud to own a Katie Bug pouch.

"Kbug's Bag"

Cindi Mac and Keri Luiz were swap partners. Cindi's pouch is her own design and she has sewn small charms on the inside. Really cute idea, Cindi! Keri's pouch design is done in horizontal netting, two different types of fringe, and a little surface embellishment

"Cindy M's Pouch" "Keri's Pouch"

Glenda Dyar and Beverly Herman were swap partners.
This bracelet was Glenda's gift to Bev. Bev says it is her very first beaded bracelet. She loves it and the unusual clasp treatment.
Beverly's gift to Glenda was this lovely necklace. It is so pretty! (Bev's necklace is NOT a thumbnail)

"Glenda's bracelet" "Beverly's necklace"

Cindy Allison and Lynne/Beadesigner were swap pardners.
Cindy's spiral set for Lynne. Now how did she do those bands of color? Well...Cindy sez: " The stitch used is RAW and it comes from the right angle weave tube Em has on her Miningco site. In the center I did a braid from Jacque Carey's book and for the bracelet, I braided around wire so that it would bend to whatever width Lynne wanted to wear it."

"Cindy's Spirals"

Rona Loomis and Annette were swap partners.
Rona made the lovely red amulet bag. Oh, lucky Rona, 3 gifts from Annette! Annette says that the rose design on the amulet bag is by Lisa Wilson.

Rona's Amulet Bag Annette's Rose Bag, etc.

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