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Precious Memories

Tom Warden with his wife, Elizabeth Owens. The two children are probably Lucy/Kate (held by Elizabeth) and James (standing in middle). James was born in 1861 and Kate in 1863, so I think the picture must have been taken mid 1860s. The picture has been examined by history buffs who say that Tom is wearing a Confederate coat in this picture. Later we found that he WAS a Confederate soldier. This must have been taken around 1865, right after the war was over. Maybe a celebration to his homecoming.

This is Lucy/Kate Warden Etheridge Watson. My dad's grandmother. My dad, James Leonard Etheridge told me that she was Cherokee. He said his granddaddy, Jocy Etheridge died in the late 1800s and his father, James Luther Etheridge, ran away from home after Kate remarried to Mr. Watson. Luther was about 12 and said Mr Watson beat him.