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Sally Morgan's Story

I lived with husband who was macho and was raised to leave home to do things such as drink and have friends and spending time at the home with family. He was a major drinker and he was totally different when he drank and was dangerous to let drive and to try to work with him during that time.
I went through a growth myself...what do I want and what am I willing to do to reach it. I left a church for being a church of love while the knife was bleeding for their attacks and was publicly put on the alter for asking how love works. well I found the close walk with God ...first he had talked to me about learning to say NO...and he drove it home one night when I missed a phone pole and jumped the dirt culvert and did not over turn but I did have to call for my dh as I took one tire off the rim and could not drive the car. I did hear his voice and I learned to fade out of commitments and to consider what I should do and not just think I was to say YES Well when I got close to God a few years later I decided I would not make divorce easy and I would do what my husband said even if he fault me all the way.
He did..he took my privledge to go to the grocery store, drive the car (checked gauge), limited my phone calls and I followed his words. He told me he was sick of hearing me talk so I never spoke to him and he was mad in a few days but he learned that i was going to stick to this project. I prayed constantly and I put scripture pages from the small bible I bought to do this project with...I put them under his seat in the truck I put it in his closet, in his billfold ...folded small so as to be not seen...I put in under his bed under his chair and I prayed and prayed ....I completed cleansed the house and the property and made a place for angels...I grew in my faith....I prayed he would not b ring his attitude to the house then to the property and then to the street and he could not figure what was happening but he knew he was in a battle...
I was granted a vision of him in his struggle...he was in chains and was pulled by two forces to claim him..I was able to be more understanding when I saw the vision and so I gave him water in a glass when he asked for it like a King...and this went on for 18 months but the final came when I least expected it...He asked me to jump into the pool ..I had just got dressed up washed my hair and was all together.....but i opened the door and walked out to the pool with him jumping up to follow...and I was stopped only by him saying why are you doing this? because you asked me to!!! I will do what you ask...I told you. He said it was not necessary to do this but it was the turning point.
I had small children but I was determined that it took my energy and my constant praying to stick to this. He refused to go to Marriage Encounter but he agreed anyway and we went and we talked and worked through our differences. He was confused that I disagreed with him if I had an opinion different from his ... not just have an opinion.but was against him. His mother left him as a 2 mo old and he bore those scars into our marriage but he is now able to see that he wasted the best years of our life and has given up drinking, smoking and comes home faithfully. I was always honest with him and even when he got a dui I did not go and get him....he learned that I would serve God and when my children were in high school he wanted me to go to the job out of town for 4 parents came down on me with both feet but he told them I am to abide by my husband and so we went and the children were perfect ... I talked to them and trusted them and went with him.
I have a dh who I can be proud of and he sees drinking and macho attitude got him no where but it drove me away and we now can work together as we grow old and it is always God who stands and helps us through each of them...
Having been in a car twice to be hit by a driver speeding through a red light I know he made me hesitate as I don't normally do that. I know he is with us and I try to share this with others without preaching. God is with us and we only have to keep him inside of us each day....and know...know ... He is with us. My mom has grown to be a pray warrior and I depend on her to keep it a job for our family and I know that she has knowledge that i can use and I enjoy her strength and know I can say God did this and know they understand. My children are going to learn as they grow how it is the most wonderful wonder on this earth.
May God protect you and keep you and you may feel his love surround you when it is so low and that he is with you on the mountaintops. Without the valleys you get no mountain top experience, I like the rolling hills best that way I don't have to go through the lowest and highest but have a nice roll of his love in my life. May God bless you and keep you as you are A Child of God.

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May God bless you and walk beside you, always.
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